Why do I hear but not understand? Do I need a hearing aid?

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Apr 17th, 2012 Laura Coffee, M.A., CCC-A

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This is a common question among our patients so don’t feel like you are alone with this particular issue. Do you turn up the TV too loud or often ask people to repeat what they say, especially in a noisy environment? There are millions who suffer from hearing loss and we help thousands each year to get back to hearing better again.

When we age we may start to experience a Sensori-Neural hearing loss, or commonly referred to as Nerve Deafness. Most often this occurs in both ears and is irreversible. Similarly, it is not medically or surgically treatable. Those with this condition have difficulty understanding speech, especially in noisy environments. And will most likely get worse over time. The ability to hear high pitch sounds decrease as we age. For example, “s” may sound like “sh” and “f” may sound like “th.” Increasingly it’s difficult to discern between “s”, “st”, “t” and “th” sounds. For example, the word “fat” may be misheard as “fast”, “fact”, or “fax”.

Those over the age of 55 and those who suspect they have trouble hearing words clearly should have a hearing screening. It’s a quick, painless checkup that reveals if you are losing your ability to hear high pitch sounds. A video otoscopic inspection of your ear will also reveal if wax or other obstructions are preventing you from hearing your best. FREE video camera guided tours of your ear canal and hearing screenings are available at your neighborhood Avada Center.

There is hope for better hearing. Your Avada Clinician will listen to you and counsel you to all the available options. We will introduce you to our family of high quality products and demonstrate the best solution that fits your precise hearing needs.

Avada offers FREE financing for those who qualify and accepts most insurance programs. We would love to have the opportunity to be your hearing care professional. Call today and make your private, personal appointment.

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