What’s involved with a hearing test?

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Dec 12th, 2012 Laura Coffee, M.A., CCC-A

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The Hearing Test

Sometimes you’ll hear the hearing check-up called the ‘hearing test’. At Avada we prefer to call it a check-up, as a test suggests it’s something you can pass or fail. The objective of the Hearing check-up is for our audiologist or hearing care Practitioners to fully understand your needs – to accurately assess your hearing and so identify the best solution for you. The first stage is to take a case history of your hearing. This may be a brief update if you’ve already had your hearing checked by the professionals at Avada.  Then we’ll take a close look into your ears using an Otoscope. This will rule-out if there is anything blocking the sound from getting to your eardrums.  An electronic hearing checkup involves the patient wearing a set of headphones while the Practitioner presents tones, and then recorded speech.  We measure the comfortable level and the minimum levels of your hearing and compare them to a baseline of normal hearing.  It’s quick and painless and we’ll be the first to tell you if nothing is wrong.

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