Types Of Senior Care Homes

Types Of Senior Care Homes

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It can get overwhelming at first, but having a better understanding of all the available senior housing options, will help you decide in choosing the best senior care facility that fits you or your aging loved one’s lifestyle.

Here are the most popular Senior Care Housing options:

Assisted Living

Other common terms: Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE)

Assisted Living Facilities are suited for seniors who want to live independently but need help with day-to-day activities. However, they do not require 24-hour supervision since they do not have any serious medical conditions.

Assisted Living Communities typically offer meal service, housekeeping, social activities, medication assistance, transportation for medical appointments and other pleasure trips for seniors. Additional services like laundry, assistance with eating, bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing-up and other personal care, which seniors need, may also be available in an Assisted Living Facility.

In general, assisted living communities are not required to have nurses and/or doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although Assisted Living Facilities usually have medical staff on site or on call to be able to help seniors with their daily needs.

Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facilities

Commonly referred to as SNFs, which is short for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facilities provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week nursing care for seniors with serious medical conditions.

Nursing Homes offer services from a registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse and/or certified nursing aide are Assisted Living & senior care facilities in North Alabama, Maryville TN, Arizonaavailable 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to administer medical treatments and care prescribed to seniors by a doctor.

Majority of nursing homes offer short-term and long-term care depending on the degree of care the senior residents need.

Alzheimer’s Care

Other common terms: Assisted Living, Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE)

Alzheimer’s Care Facilities are also known as memory care or dementia facility. This type of senior care facility specializes in the treatment and care of people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia as they have special needs.

The setting in an Alzheimer’s Care Facility is similar to Assisted Living communities. Alzheimer’s Care Facilities also provide personal services like help with eating, bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing-up, etc. Social services and programs tailored to provide senior patients with as much mental and memory stimulation as possible are also available for this type of senior care facility.

Alzheimer’s Care Facilities have 24-hour support, higher level of security to protect wanderers, and structured programs to meet the needs of people with dementia

Board and Care
Other common terms: Adult Residential Facility (ARF)  Board and Care Facilities are commonly referred to as residential care or foster homes. This senior care housing option for the elderly provides 24-hour, non-medical assistance to perform day-to-day activities such as eating, toileting, bathing, grooming, walking and laundry. Nursing services and additional services may also be available.
Typically, this kind of senior care facility offers a home-like setting and provides private or shared rooms, private or shared bathrooms, meal service and an open door policy for the senior residents’ friends and family.
Adult Day Care
Adult Day Care Facilities are also referred to as an adult day center, which is another form of respite care. Adult Day Care is the ideal option for families who can still take care of their aging loved one at home, but are unable to during the daytime (i.e., due to career, etc.).
Seniors who participate in an Adult Day Care program are provided companionship and support throughout the day and returns home at night.
An array of health programs and social activities for seniors are offered for stimulation and socialization. Majority of the programs in an Adult Day Care, include meal and transportation service while additional services like counseling, dancing, exercise, education, evening care, health screening, personal care, therapies, social activities and a lot more may also be available.
Generally, Adult Day Care Facilities are open up to eight hours a day, five times a week (Monday through Friday), although some may be open on Saturdays for a few hours.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Communities are typically referred to as CCRCs or life care retirement communities. This senior housing option is perfect for seniors who want to age in the same place as it offers flexible accommodations that are intended to meet the needs and wants of seniors which change overtime. Thus, not having to worry about moving.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer a long-term continuing care contract, usually for a resident’s lifetime. They provide appropriate level of senior care support for independent living, assisted living or nursing care all in one facility. Although expensive, this senior housing option is becoming one of the most popular choices today because it offers a wide range of programs, activities and amenities available to support the healthy lifestyle of seniors.
Independent Living
Independent Living Communities are also referred to as Retirement Communities. This senior housing option, is ideal for healthy and active seniors who want to live independently as they want flexibility with their day-to-day activities. Seniors who choose Independent Living typically do not need medical assistance.
Independent Living Communities are suited for seniors who are interested to participate in educational, cultural and other social activities for entertainment. Independent Living communities usually offer a wide range of optional personal services to seniors like: cleaning, laundry, transportation, group meals, fitness programs, etc.

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