Tips to Hot Weather Golfing

Tips to Hot Weather Golfing

Posted on July 20, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Stroke /Stroke Symptoms

When in the summer time, the hot weather frustrates you and me, especially the golfers in the sunshine. When you swing your golf clubs in summer, do you feel ill with your performance?

You know, playing golf in hot weather creates special stresses on the body that you must watch for like dehydration and fatigue and in some more severe cases, heat exhaustion and so on.

So to perform at your best in hot heat and to avoid health rsiks while playing sports you need to take a few necessary precautionslike the following tips or advice:

1)  wear a cap or hat

2)  sun block

3)  drink plenty of water

4)  eat fruit slices

5)  potassium tablets before and during the round

6)  some salt

7)  protein bars

8)  don’t eat a heavy meal on the course like a burger

9)  avoid alcohol as it dehydrates the body

10) stay in the shade as much as possible when not hitting

11) hit less balls in warming up

12) get plenty of sleep the night before playing 18 holes

You can choose the special drink for your summer golfing to stir your energy and avoid the hot disease. Squeeze the juice of two lemons into a blender five potassium glutamate tablets honey      water and ice one quarter teaspoonful sea salt one quarter teaspoonful stevia extract blend in blender and drink up!

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ready to have a shot? everything’s ready,let’s go!

*Note: Consult your MD or holistic doctor on the proper amount of potassium used

See you on the course playing your best golf!

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