Tips for Selecting Hearing Devices

Tips for Selecting Hearing Devices

Posted on December 2, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Caregiver Education, Hearing Loss

There are various styles of hearing aids that you may be interested in looking at. If you don’t want everyone to know about it, there are those that fit right into the canal. They also work well if you spend lots of time talking on the phone. They are typically offered for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

A full shell type of hearing aid is going to be more visible but still not stick out. They are very easy to insert. They also have batteries that last longer which is convenient. They work well for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. The largest of all hearing devices are those that fit behind the ear. They work well for severe hearing loss as they can amplify better than the other types.

Analog hearing aids are still used out there but not as often as they once were. They are less expensive but they don’t offer the same level of benefits as those that are digital. With the analog devices even the wind blowing around you can produce sounds that are very annoying. Background noises can be part of the day that you simply can’t get passed.

With digital hearing aids though you can control such issues. There is the ability to control the volume too. That is helpful because the volume of what you listen to will change frequently. They also help to reduce background noise so you are able to focus on what you want to hear.

Your doctor can help you to determine which types of devices you are a good match for. That is important because you want to be able to fully benefit from it. Most insurance companies will pay for these items. They may pay for all of it though or have a maximum payout. If the cost is more than the coverage then the remaining balance is your responsibility. If you have hearing loss then you definitely want to spend some time exploring your options. If you have an older type of hearing aid, it may be wise to consider upgrading. You won’t have a problem though finding exactly what you want.

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