The Importance of the First Hearing Test

Posted on December 9, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Hearing Loss

Aug 26th, 2013

Laura Coffee, M.A., CCC-AFeaturing Laura Coffee, M.A., CCC-AThe Importance of the First Hearing TestWhen it comes to hearing tests, Avada offers patients video otoscope exams, as well as audiometric testing. If a patient comes to an Avada Hearing Care Center for a hearing test, they will first be asked to provide the hearing consultant with an extensive case history, before the test begins. Then the testing process starts, which includes a video otoscope exam of the ear, and an audiometric test.The staff at Avada feel that there is no timeline to get a hearing test; whenever a person feels there has been a change in their hearing, they should come in for a hearing test. Avada also advises current patients to come in every year for a test, in order monitor their level of hearing loss. But overall, “Hearing loss can be a problem at any age.”It’s also suggested that patients bring a family member or companion to their first hearing test; this is a very important part of the process. They should be a spouse or a very close family member, someone who communicates with the loss sufferer daily and has a firm grasp of their hearing loss. The companion is beneficial for verification purposes during the test; they can verify that the patient is experiencing hearing loss, especially when the patient themselves might be hesitant to admit they are having trouble hearing. The companion will be more likely to know what the patient is missing out on when it comes to hearing. Typically, the companion is asked to be involved in the entire testing process.Avada offers the first assessment or screening FREE and you can book online here or call 1-888-99AVADA.  A hearing screening is painless and straightforward and takes about 60 minutes. If you have any questions about this or anything regarding hearing loss contact Avada Hearing Care.