Stamp Collecting in Kentucky

Stamp Collecting in Kentucky

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Stamp collectors have spread out all over the world. It is well-known and shared by most people. One is likely to encounter an acquaintance who will eventually ask for a stamp or trade for a stamp.                       

It cannot be denied that this phenomenon goes on for years and still very much proliferates despite the onset of the cellular phone and email technology. Nothing compares to the satisfaction and joy of having a collection of colorful and adhesive stamps.
This sentiment is shared by millions of people worldwide. A good chunk of that millions, around 20 million actually, are Americans. It cannot be disputed anymore that the United States is home for the stamp collectors.
Given this fact, it is therefore inevitable for certain communities to have a considerable population of dedicated stamp collectors, like Louisville, Kentucky for example. Most residents of Louisville share the love and enthusiasm of stamp collecting. What is it about stamp collecting to love anyway?
Stamp Collecting
Stamp collecting is the art of collecting stamps. It is an educational past time where stamp collectors gather the postage stamps from letters and keep them in a collection. The stamps are usually kept in a stamp album where it can be easily viewed, admired and preserved. Some can use notebooks or glassine envelopes to store the stamps.
Another field connected with stamp collecting is philately, the study of the postage stamps and other items and matters related to it. This endeavor tends to delve deeper into the reason and history behind the stamps, the postage service and the processes. It is considered that philately contributes a lot to the giving meaning to the efforts of stamp enthusiasts.
Most of the stamps that can be easily collected are the ones in circulation. However, there are the more desirable ones considered hard-to-find or very much valuable. These are often composed of the commemorative stamps and special ones that is released every now and then by the postage service or government of a country.
United States Postage Stamps
Since most stamp collectors reside in US states, most of them will tend to be more appreciative of the United States postage stamps.
Any collector will first have a favorite stamp type. Definitely, many stamp collectors from Kentucky may favor the US postage stamps, even more the ones issued with Kentucky on the display or commemorating an important event.

Some would want the stamps issued for a certain decade only. Some are into the old and faded models. There are those who prefer the stamp blocks or the very rare models. It all depends on the choice and preference of the collector. He or she can collect anything but will pour extra efforts to a certain type.
US stamps actually have a huge selection of stamps. There are different models and designs that makes the endeavor to collect stamps a more interesting challenge. The traditional stamp collectors would even aim to getting the plate blocks but they can cost a lot. More difficult to find too are the plate number coils.
There are stamps in singles for those who want to limit the budget. There are also inexpensive ones consisting of the older or cancelled US postage stamps. They do hold a visual quality. Blocks of stamps of barely cancelled type are considerable addition to the collection.
Exchanging Stamps
Most people would start their stamp collections by taking all the stamps attached in their mails. This is a very inexpensive way to have some items to work with. Most collectors will resort to purchasing stamps from stamp shops and the postal services.
However, in places, like in Louisville for example, where there are many stamp collectors and enthusiasts, it is very likely to find a local stamp club. Joining the stamp club is the best way to find trading partners. This is also the best venue to meet new friends. Here, everyone can exchange tips on how to take care of the stamps, learn something new or even explore together into a research.
Another fact that proves how much the residents of Kentucky value stamp collecting is that they have a gallery dedicated to it. The Dupont Stamp Studio of Kentucky is very well-known to lovers of stamp collecting.
The many wonders that a stamp can bring cannot be denied. It is no surprise that a considerable population of Louisville, Kentucky are very much fascinated with the hobby. Stamp collecting is very likely to flourish still in the near future even if people tend to send less snail mails. It may even get more exciting given the number of dedicated stamp collectors out there.


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