Senior owner speak the word of experience the upkeep of a car

Senior owner speak the word of experience the upkeep of a car

Posted on August 7, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Bedding / Mattress, Blog, Transportation

After shopping, vehicle maintenance can be divided into two parts, one is in the guarantee period, according to the instructions for maintenance and repair, or manufacturer will no longer avoid compensate or repair. Two is out of warranty period of after maintenance, it is each with the owner, how to do? How to do? You have their owners wise and measures, only here some of my experience makes a report, in order to stimulate. I was in October, 2002 some his car, I realize the car is a spiritual, your car in the car is not unkind to you, it will be a little less faults, breaks down, you don’t pay attention to maintenance, inspection, it will often be out of order, my way is:
1, build vehicles use the file and accompanied. The files are: kilometers traveled, maintenance content, maintenance time, note, every time maintenance after it was driving kilometers, maintenance of the information (including SanLv replacement, accessories of replace, repair parts fault and repair and maintenance condition after time, the next step points for attention) truthfully recorded. Fuel consumption situation, driving road conditions, their feelings also write on file. File and write down every time their tires of serious mileage, oil, fangdongye, brake fluid replacement kilometers and time, so that the next time when changing, check in. In short on the vehicle used to keep in mind, remember all the time.

2, Ensure the oil, liquid, filter clean and use requirement. The oil every 5000 kilometers before will change, gasoline tank every time remaining two-thirds to a full and gear oil every 50000 km will change, brake oil every 20000 km will change, fangdongye 30000 km will change, air cleaner, fuel filter will change on time. The oil, water, liquid clean and not drip keep using standard, is the safe use of vehicles to extend the life of the key guarantee.

3, the use of spare parts have a choice. Vehicle maintenance and replacement parts I have a principle is: the key, important parts to use quality goods in the formal place to buy, peripheral parts, secondary parts can be used FuPin or inserts products. Such as: brake pads and cylinder line and spark plug with quality goods, and issue the receipt to have problems search after; Like water tank, headlamps, bumper, adornment, etc all use of pay of the factory is a, the effect is the same. So both saved the spending and guarantee the safe use of the vehicle.

4, save for the car to go up. The family car to save, we use the car is the vehicle should follow the principles, in this respect I do: one is in no hurry or not move on, can walk not to walk the national highway, try to save the toll and high fees. 2 it is usually wash and wax all by herself, such already save the money and get some exercise, and live do better than XiCheDian to fine much; Three is often inspection, maintenance, every week for oil, fangdongye, brake oil, battery and other parts inspection, found (models pictures BBS) to solve problems in time, the wheels per ten thousand km yourself conversion. Four is driving slow come on, rotating speed with the right shift speed, the operation downy not tough, such already save fuel and to vehicles.

5, car fixed a garage as far as possible. Doing this can and garage boss and mechanic familiar with, the price is relatively reasonable, a few small trouble handling or replace SanLv also don’t money. But must choose good object. Sometimes car appear some question, can be in regular plenty to check, and then to the factory with the relationship between repair. Such as: my car once fault lights up, always can’t find out the reason for not, then find a formal a computer with a detection, is the throttle position sensor is broken, in their city auto parts bought a in his relationship with a garage loaded on all is well, also did not spend the repairs.

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