Senior Health – Fun Sun Exercise And A Long Life

Senior Health – Fun Sun Exercise And A Long Life

Posted on June 28, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Exercise/Keeping Fit

Senior Health

Senior health is extremely important. Not just because you have added an extra year or two to your age. But also in order for you to get the most out of life, keeping sickness and disease at bay. It is a well documented fact that exercise is healthy and good for you.

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You are constantly bombarded from doctors and health experts concerning your muscle loss, joints all getting stiff, your metabolism getting slower, and of course your bone loss. They even tell you how bad your balance may become. Ads are forever reminding you that your lungs and heart are getting weak and that you just can not hold out with the endurance test like you once could.

Choose wisely

If you want a fast fix then you can tighten up your skin with a facelift, or you can get your doctor to give you an injection. They claim to have pills you can take that will slow down aging giving you a look of being younger and simply improving your overall appearance. There is just one huge problem with doing this. It does not last.

There is something that does work for better senior health. Exercise on a regular schedule and you can see daily improvements to your health and fitness. Plus, it puts lots more fresh oxygen into our brain helping to improve our memory and clear thinking.

Helps seniors be independent

You want to continue to do the things you enjoy and are fond of. That is, doing them on your own. And if you have not been exercising for a period of time, talk to your health care expert, then get started on a healthy exercise program. It is not possible to stress enough how important walking, stair step climbing and descending with other exercise is. However, always start slowly and gradually build up.

Simple exercise for elderly health
  • A good exercise to strengthen muscles is very important as you age but are simple to do. Just a few of the benefits is to help keep your level of blood sugar to the normal mark. It also helps your metabolism work right so your weight can stay the way it should. You can do these at a local exercise center, at a church or neighbor group, a fitness center, or at home if you have equipment or can make your own.
  • Sometimes problems with your back can increase as you age. Either talk to a fitness or gym instructor about some simple exercises that will strengthen your back. Even better, talk to your family doctor and they can give you some examples to try. Perhaps the easiest way is just to go online and search out as many as you want.
  • Endurance activities like climbing, walking, swimming, or biking are extremely healthy for seniors. Build yourself up slowly without pushing too hard. Another benefit is helping your balance as your body muscles and joints get stronger. Nearly one half million retirement age people fall and break hips yearly. Your body will respond with strength and endurance.

Senior health is important. More people are starting to exercise and they will have more fun in life as they began to feel energy and strength they have not enjoyed for a long time.

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