Planning Your Senior Cruise

Planning Your Senior Cruise

Posted on July 9, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Vacations

Are you retired, or planning to retire soon? Does cruising feature in your seniors travel plans? Then you have nothing but enjoyment and relaxation to look forward to. But before you go, do consider our senior cruise tips — they’ll help make sure you plan the trip of a lifetime.

What’s Great About Senior Cruising?

The great thing about taking a vacation on a cruise ship is that you won’t need to do too much stressful traveling on your own.  There are no local train or bus connections to worry about – the ship takes you to your next destination while you eat, drink and relax.  This is the reason why more and more senior travel plans incorporate cruising rather than touring on the ground.  Why wouldn’t you cruise?

First Things First

But the first thing you’ll have to do is to prepare for your vacation! Ask yourself for a few moments — what do you want to do on your cruise vacation? Do you want to do some sightseeing? Maybe just enjoy the ocean while taking in good food and exercise?

Most cruise ships have so many offerings available that it’s impossible to try out every single amenity before the trip ends. That’s why it’s a good idea to study the cruise ship brochure closely. It’s best to choose a cruise ship that has the offerings you’re looking for.  You can easily do all this online, most cruise ship companies have wonderful dynamic websites, with plenty of information on senior cruise discounts and options.

If you don’t get around as easily as you used to, it’s also a good idea to ask about the accessibility features of the cruise ship you want to try out. You may, for instance, appreciate a wheelchair ready for you at boarding. Many good cruise ships offer easy accessibility and cater extremely well to accessible travel needs.

Create An Itinerary

As mentioned before, it’s easy enough to have a relaxing cruise vacation without having to leave the ship throughout the duration of the voyage. But check the brochures again — there may be some shore excursions you won’t want to miss.

Take note, though — shore excursions may cost a pretty penny, since they’re an optional offering. So prepare to shell out some vacation money to see that charming little town you’ve always wanted to visit.  Or chose a cruise that docks directly into a port, take a walk, find a piece of grass, pub or cafe and watch the world go by.  This is my personal preference for a shore excursion and will cost a fraction of the price.

What If You’re Not An Ocean Person?

If you’re not an ocean person, but would like a cruise vacation anyway so you won’t have to do much traveling yourself, then you might want to consider a river cruise instead! There are many fantastic river cruises in Europe, letting you take in the unique European culture and architecture without even having to disembark.  European river cruising caters extremely well to seniors travel.  From terrific senior deals such as no single supplement, value add bonuses and great discounts, European cruising is providing an economical and quirky alternative to take in the European highlights.

Research and Preparation Is The Key

When it comes to cruise ship vacations, preparation is the name of the game. Remember that you may be living out of a suitcase for several days, so make sure you bring everything you need — clothes, toiletries, medicines, etc. You’ll have to be prepared for anything.  Most companies will give you direction on what to pack.

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