Oral Health Problems Seniors Must Look Out For

Oral Health Problems Seniors Must Look Out For

Posted on June 28, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Dental, On-Site Dental Care

Aging comes with the development of various problems in the different parts of the body, and the oral system is not an exception. Oral health is a vital asset for overall well-being, especially for the elderly. Here are some oral problems that seniors must be aware of.

Teeth discoloration

One of the most common age-related oral health problems is teeth staining . The longer the teeth are exposed to stain-inducing food and substances, the heavier the discoloration is. In many cases, age-related tooth discoloration is also caused by the thinning of the enamel, which makes the tooth appear darker. This also causes dentin exposure that leads to tooth hypersensitivity.


Xerostomia or dry mouth is characterized by low salivary production. Apart from aging, drug intake can also cause this condition. Many prescription drugs affect the function of the salivary glands. Dryness of the mouth can lead to several oral health problems such as bad breath, tooth decay, mastication difficulties, and mouth infections.

Mastication difficulty due to tooth loss

Mastication or chewing is important in achieving optimal health. The natural food grinding process is responsible for nutrient extraction. If this process is problematic, the body will not get the essential vitamins and minerals it needs. Because of tooth loss that is common in old age, chewing becomes difficult for seniors. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides a solution in the form of dental implants. There are many dental implant Houston specialists and similar professionals elsewhere who can solve mastication difficulties for seniors.

Mouth ulcers caused by poorly-fitted dentures

Wearing loose dentures is quite uncomfortable. This can injure the gum and mouth tissues, and the lacerations become vulnerable to oral bacteria. To prevent this from happening, patients should get perfectly-fitted dentures or they might as well undergo a dental implant procedure. The dental implants Houston dentists and their colleagues in different places offer are permanent tooth loss solutions. Before these restoratives are installed, the patient’s mouth is scanned to determine the right implant fit.

Jaw bone atrophy

Bones thin as people age, and the jaw bones are not exempt from this. The jaw bones dissolve when there are no roots to support—a case that is often true for seniors. One way to prevent jaw bone atrophy is to replace missing teeth with the dental implants Houston dental experts and their colleagues recommend.

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