Medicare Prescription Drug: a Lifesaving Plan for Senior and Disabled Persons

Posted on January 24, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

There is a saying that health is wealth. But life is unpredictable, full of twist and turns and if you do not plan ahead it can spell disaster for your personal well-being and your budget. So having a Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage is vital to wellness and peace of mind.

Imagine yourself as a Senior citizen and you were driving along in a familiar street, enjoying the summer air floating inside your car; it seems like a perfect day as you passed by beautiful houses and happy looking people. Suddenly a sharp pain was felt in your chest. You become dizzy, your vision becomes blurred, and you can’t even remember if you managed to stop the car.

You woke up inside a hospital. The joyous feeling was replaced by fear. Somewhere along the way, you discovered a part of you is missing. You just had a heart attack! But you thought it would not happen to you. You were after all, can be considered a health conscious elderly. Worst! What ever pain that ails you, it becomes intense as you think about the hospital bills and the drug expenses.

That is why having Medicare prescription drug coverage is as important to any individual because not having any health care coverage at all can be a drain in the Family’s pocket. Since January 2006, voluntary outpatient prescription drug benefit took effect. It is available to millions of elderly and disabled beneficiaries who enroll in private plans approved by Medicare to offer coverage. Medicaid is now being replaced by Medicare as the primary source of doing coverage for disabled and low-income people.

There are two types of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:

A) Stand-alone prescription drug plans (PDP) for people getting other Medicare benefits like the fee-service program.

B) Medicare advantage prescription drug (MA-PD) plans, such as HMO’s or PPO’s that cover drugs and other Medicare benefits.

Medicare Prescription Drug covers for the payment for both generic and brand named drugs; it also offers a choice of plans to Medicare Beneficiaries. There are four ways that Medicare Drug plans may require you to pay your share and these are:


Cost will vary depending on which plan you choose. There are some people that can qualify for extra help paying for their cost. You can also contact the Social Security Administration should you think you are not qualifying for extra help.

Most Medicare drug plans require that you used a pharmacy. It has a list of pharmacies called the “Pharmacy Network” on which you can used to get your prescription filled. While the start of 2006 is a very good year for Seniors without coverage that can now avail of the Medicare approved plan that would cut their yearly drug cost in half, in return for a $35 monthly premium while low-income Seniors will received additional help from a $600 annual subsidy.

But before getting a plan, figure out first what plan is best for you that give overall value. Consider the cost coverage, and convenience. Determine if you went a higher monthly premium, but a lower copay or coinsurance on each prescription or pay a higher copay or coinsurance on each prescription but for a lower premium.

What ever you decide, regardless of your income, illness or status everyone needs a Medicare Prescription Drug plan, it offers savings and it will ease the burden on your family expensive cost of drugs out in the market today. So do plan your health needs. It’s one of your best investments which help you be prepared for unexpected medical expenses.

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