Kitchen Renovation

Posted on April 2, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Shelving & Cabinet Organizing

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves


Treat yourself to one of today’s most practical luxury home items – kitchen pull out shelves.  Kitchen pull out shelves not only create more usable storage space by allowing you to store items in the farthest corners of your cabinets, but also increase access to your stored items by allowing the shelf to extend with a simple touch.  Whether looking for increased organization, or preparing your home for retirement years, you’ll find kitchen pull out shelves a luxury you can’t live without.

Kitchen Renovation

Complete your Kentucky kitchen renovation with Glide-Out shelves, a beautiful and durable alternative to traditional fixed shelves.  Glide-Out shelves fully extend to provide easy access and additional storage space for all of your kitchen essentials.  Consult a ShelfGenie design specialist and see how Glide-Out shelves can make the most of your kitchen renovation project.


Kitchen Storage


Glide-Out shelves are the perfect way to create more kitchen storage without having to replace your existing kitchen cabinets.  Glide-Out shelves allow you to use more of the kitchen storage you already have in your Kentucky home by extending the contents of your cabinets out to you.  Increase your kitchen storage in Kentucky by up to 50% in most instances when you replace your existing kitchen shelves with Glide-Outs.

Kitchen Cabinets


Give the inside of your kitchen cabinets a face-lift with Glide-Out shelves, the full-extension shelving solution that creates more space and promotes better kitchen organization.  By bringing the back of your kitchen cabinets out to you, Glide-Outs provide easier access to everything stored in your Kentucky kitchen.   Experience the difference Glide-Out shelves can make in your Kentucky home’s kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes throughout the Kentucky region.  Some of the most affordable kitchen remodeling projects can make the biggest impact on how you use your Kentucky home’s kitchen.  Glide-Out shelves transform your relationship to your kitchen by creating more usable storage space, which promotes better organization.  A ShelfGenie designer can get you started with your next kitchen remodeling project with a free design consultation.

Lazy Susan

Complement your Glide-Out shelving solution in Kentucky with a Lazy Susan corner cabinet shelf.  A Lazy Susan provides access to all of the contents of your corner cabinets by turning to reveal all sides, creating more usable storage space in your cabinet.  Our kidney-shaped Lazy Susan is available in wood or polymer and can be installed in either an upper cabinet or a lower cabinet in your Kentucky home.


Kitchen Shelving


Create the ideal kitchen shelving solution to meet your Kentucky family’s needs and budget with Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie.  Glide-Out kitchen shelving provides the additional storage you crave in Kentucky, increasing your satisfaction with your existing kitchen cabinets, making Glide-Out kitchen shelving one of the most affordable home renovation projects available.  Improve your relationship with your cabinets by improving your kitchen shelving with Glide-Out shelves.

Spice Rack


In addition to a full line of custom-built Glide-Out shelves, ShelfGenie in Kentucky offers shelving accessories to complement our shelves, such as our spice rack which mounts to the back of a cabinet door, freeing up valuable space in your cabinet.  Spices are still within easy reach and our spice rack is constructed with the same craftsmanship as our shelves, providing an attractive and durable option for your storage needs in your Kentucky home.

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