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Join Our Family

Posted on September 13, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Assisted Living, Blog, Independent Living

We welcome everyone who desires a fulfilling retirement lifestyle and shares a concern for the welfare of fellow residents as neighbors. Episcopalians are given preference, but no person otherwise eligible will be denied admission because he or she is not an Episcopalian. We welcome individuals and married couples.

For Licensed Personal Care, Nursing or Skilled Nursing Care, follow these three easy steps:

1. Schedule a personal interview with the Social Services Coordinator. Family members are urged to attend. An individual seeking admission to the Nursing Center will be excused from this interview if he or she is unable to attend. Our professional staff may need to visit to assess the applicant’s nursing care needs in person.

2. A completed application form must be submitted to place an individual’s name on the waiting list.

3. A thorough and current physical examination by the applicant’s personal physician, at the applicant’s expense, must be conducted. If admission is delayed, updated forms will be required

The Episcopal Church Home does not require surrender of a resident’s assets or income, although we do request disclosure of financial resources as part of the application process. A power-of-attorney and a signed acknowledgment of advance directives must be submitted. Information we receive will be treated confidentially. Please discuss any needs for financial assistance with the Social Services Coordinator.join2

For Dudley Square Patio Homes, follow these steps:

1. Schedule a personal interview appointment with the Dudley Square Director.

2. A completed application form, accompanied by the current application fee, must be submitted to place an individual’s name on the waiting list. If more than six months go by following the receipt of application, updated forms will be required prior to occupancy.

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