How are Assisted Living Centers Different from Nursing Homes

How are Assisted Living Centers Different from Nursing Homes

Posted on September 13, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Assisted Living, Blog, Caregiver Education

Nursing homes and assisted living are two terms that are often used interchangeably. It is true that these two types of facilities offer long term care covering assisting daily living, arranging recreational activities, promoting dignity, and providing housing and meal for the disabled and aged. However, there are lots of differences between these two types of facilities. There are many reputed Scottsdale nursing homes and assisted living centers in the city. It is important to know their key characteristics because the candidate for one of them may not be suitable for the other one.

Scottsdale senior living facilities may offer both assisted living and nursing home service. In nursing homes, the primary focus is on offering healthcare facilities. On the contrary, assisted living is an advanced concept of catering services to people who require much more independence and a bit less healthcare. Most importantly, assisted living Scottsdale centers have much more to offer than traditional nursing homes. Residents living in an assisted living facility are generally fit enough to spend the entire day on their own and only require help in terms of general activities like preparing food, dressing, traveling, bathing, etc. Most of the residents in an assisted living facility require limited medical care because they are in sound mental and physical health. Therefore, the primary focus in assisted living is on self sufficiency and personal privacy. Residents are allowed much more space for independent living within a secure ambience in the facilities for assisted living Scottsdale.

Scottsdale nursing homecare more suited for the elderly people who are not in very good health and require round the clock medical supervision or nursing. Therefore, all these nursing homes are equipped with facilities to take care of people who are physically or mentally unwell. Nursing homes are also the better choice for rehabilitation to help patients who have suffered from serious health problems like stroke etc. The sole purpose of getting admitted to nursing homes is to get well, and patients leave the facility once they recover. On the contrary, assisted living centers are considered to be long term alternatives for the residents. Unlike assisted living Scottsdale centers, nursing homes offer very little privacy, and the patients are often required to share accommodations. Before making a choice between these two alternatives, one must be extremely cautious because someone who requires assisted living could feel miserable in a nursing home. Similarly, a sick person requiring round the clock medical attention would not be able to avail the same in assisted living.

The cost of private rooms in assisted living centers is charged on a monthly basis and is considerably lower comparing to nursing homes. Subject to certain conditions, stays at nursing homes are covered with Medicaid and Medicare. Whereas, the most common source of funding for assisted living is insurance and private pay.

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Follow these guidelines very carefully if you are looking for the right kind of care for your elderly family members. These points would help you choose the perfect Scottsdale senior living facility depending on the specific requirements of the person.