Hearing Loss Among a Younger Generation

Posted on December 12, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Hearing Loss

When you’re young, losing your hearing isn’t one of your top concerns. Young people are developing hearing problems.  While hearing loss is most often attributed to heredity or aging, things like concerts and listening to music on headsets at loud settings can often be the cause of hearing loss in a younger person. The younger generation tends to turn things up louder just for the fun of it, not because they are hard of hearing.

Living in a big city and being constantly exposed to excessive traffic noise—at a close distance—can also be a source of gradual hearing loss. According to a recent study performed by the Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired and published in the Times of India, roughly 74 percent of traffic patrol officers in Hyderabad, India, are suffering from hearing loss. Although this loss of hearing is a result of working long hours at an extremely close range to the major noise levels of a city, it’s important to keep in mind the external factors that may surround a young person in their own life.

What are Some Warning Signs?”This age group may notice a temporary hearing threshold shift or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) after attending a loud concert or turning their MP3s up too loud,”

There are warning signs to look out for if someone thinks they might be experiencing hearing loss at a young age. These include experiencing a ringing or buzzing sound inside the ears (especially after a loud concert,) pain inside the ears or even an increased sensitivity to noise. Experiencing any of these warning signs should be a trigger to visit a doctor and request a hearing test.

What Can I Do to Protect My Hearing? Young people should take action if they suspect they may be losing their hearing by having a comprehensive hearing test as soon as possible. Not only will it help diagnose the problem, but it will be a good reference point for future tests.

If a doctor recommends a hearing aid, there’s no cause for alarm. Hearing aids have evolved dramatically over the years and new technology has allowed them to be small and nearly unrecognizable to another person.

Young adults can start taking proactive measures to avoid hearing loss, such as listening to music at a lower volume, or wearing ear plugs to concerts or other loud venues. They may think their hearing problem can be solved with a quick turn of the volume, but if they don’t take care of it now, it could affect them more severely in the future.

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