Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Aid Brands

Posted on January 21, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Brands


Introducing Blulink! Get Connected and Stay Connected.

Blulink is a new generation of wireless communication device that offer a range of unique features within two key areas.

First, Blulink utilizes high-speed wireless technology to connect two instruments enabling true binaural processing, allowing for the fast correlation of parameters essential for a proper stereophonic sound experience. This means that your 2 Blulinks actually communicate with one another, allowing them to work together to properly process incoming sounds.

Second, the companion device, Streamer, allows signals from many modern devices such as cell phones to be directly streamed into the instruments. You can actually receive the audio from your incoming cell phone calls directly in your ear, with no annoying wires or large, cumbersome headsets to wear. You can also have the music from your mp3 player or other audio device delivered straight into your ear. And since the audio is being processed by your Blulinks, you can be sure it is adjusted exactly to your needs.

Four unique features work together to make BluLink II and BluLink PHD MiniLink two of the most advanced hearing devices on the market today:

  1. 3D Sound: This technology supports the brain’s natural process of understanding speech. You will never be bombarded with a “wall of sound.” Instead, you’ll be able to hear the voices that are speaking to you, and shift attention to other voices as you choose.
  2. Speech Shield: Only Blulink II and BluLink PHD MiniLink offer the ability to follow conversations so naturally and immediately. The device works in harmony with your brain to recognize natural speech cues and keep competing noise or voices from distracting you, giving you a sense of quiet clarity.
  3. Vibrant Bass: Restores the rich bass sound that gives energy to speech. It delivers a richer sound experience, which welcomes you back to the world of natural hearing. It is an unmatched, exceptional audio experience similar to an advanced stereo system with a subwoofer.
  4. Open Music: With Open Music the effect is dramatic. Instead of being heard in the middle of the your head, streamed music is heard as if the you were actually sitting in the same room as the performance.

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