Guide to Find Auto Repair Experts in Louisville, KY

Guide to Find Auto Repair Experts in Louisville, KY

Posted on August 7, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Caregiver Education, Mobility / Wheelchair, Transportation

How many times have you cursed your car when it has broken down en route to an important meeting? The irritation is even more when you just had your car serviced a couple of days back. It’s time to get your car fixed by a real mechanic. On what basis can you really make out on whether the mechanic is the right one for the job or not? Well, here are the pointers –

Experience – This is the first and foremost thing that you need to find out about the company. If the repair company has just been around for a couple of years and employs a fairly young staff, then it will only be capable enough to handle minor issues. When it is about a thorough repair however, you need someone who has a number of years behind him/her for the job. Experienced mechanics are able to quickly detect a problem and solve it.
License – This is another major point that you need to find out. A company of repute will have all the necessary license and affiliations. They will not hesitate to show these to you when you ask for them. Those who have their website provide their affiliations right there. This way, you can actually find out about the company’s authenticity. The last thing you would need is a company that is illegal. Find out about the company’s Better Business Bureau affiliations. You will be able to get all sorts of information about the company, from past clients to customers from the BBB.        

Referrals – This is another vital thing that you need to verify. When you are at the shop, ask for referrals about the company. If the company hesitates in providing you with the referrals, then it may not be the right one for the job. A company of repute won’t hesitate in providing you with referrals. When you are talking to a person about the company in question, be sure to ask about the experience that he/she had with the company and any thing which he/she feels the company needs to took into. When you chat with the company officials, be sure to bring it up to their notice and see whether the problems have been dealt with or not.
Service and pricing – They must have car parts of major car manufacturers and must be able to help you out at anytime of the day. They will usually have their emergency number given on the website. All you need to do is just look up on the website. Pricing is the last but not the least important issue to look into. The pricing must be accounted for and they must be able to provide you with discounts wherever applicable.
When looking for a reputed company specializing in auto repair, Louisville, KY residents will find the above tips helpful.


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