Discount Plans Offer Substantial Savings on Dental Care and Procedures for Seniors

Discount Plans Offer Substantial Savings on Dental Care and Procedures for Seniors

Posted on August 5, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Dental, Senior Dental Care

Dental care is vital throughout life, but never more important than after age 65. Risk for various oral and dental problems increases when people approach or reach their Medicare years—and regular visits to the dentist are vital in maintaining good health. For an increasing number of American seniors, dental discount plans play an important part in making regular dental visits and recommended dental care affordable.

Oral and Dental Problems Targeting Seniors

Seniors are especially susceptible to dry mouth, tooth decay / tooth loss, and gum disease. Ill-fitting dentures sometimes lead to stomatitis. Some oral health problems that target seniors are linked to heart disease and stroke. Risk of oral cancer also increases with age.

As with almost every other area of health, the key to minimizing serious oral and dental problems is early detection—and dentists are experts at finding and treating problems before they become serious.

Medicare and Dental Health

Medicare Part A and Part B will not pay for dental checkups, routine dental procedures, or dentures.

One solution is traditional dental insurance, but consider:

  • Dental insurance premiums are often in the range of $100 a month for a family.
  • Dental insurance usually does not cover preexisting conditions.
  • There are usually long waiting periods and plenty of paperwork associated with dental insurance.
  • Many people are uncertain about what is or is not covered by their dental plans.

Many Americans with Medicare have found an affordable solution that eliminates these problems—senior discount dental plans.

Need a dental plan?

HealthPerx Plus discount dental plans cover all the routine dental care and procedures Medicare recipients are likely to need. There are no age restrictions, and no health restrictions or exclusions for preexisting conditions.Discount plans offer savings ranging from about 10 percent all the way up to 60 percent and more for dental treatments and procedures of various types. From a leading provider of discount plans such as, which generally provides discounts of 60 percent or more through an extensive coast-to-coast network of dental providers, enrollment in a comprehensive discount plan can cost as little as $14 per month for an individual, $18 for couple, or $24 for a family.

While they should not be considered insurance or a replacement for insurance, dental discount plans such as those offered by HealthPerx Plus can be a valuable on their own or as a complement to traditional dental insurance. For people covered by Medicare, it is important to remember that Original Medicare and Medicare supplement plans do not cover routine dental health. To ensure affordable access to the dental care that is so important to maintaining good health, many American seniors understandably are depending on affordable, comprehensive, moneysaving dental discount plans.

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