Common Oral Health for Seniors Dental and Preventive Measure

Posted on April 16, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Dental, On-Site Dental Care

Mostly the seniors are victim of various diseases because of their fragile physical  and mental strength. At this stage of life they are exposed to dental problem. The most common dental problems they pass through are:

*Gum disease

*Tooth loss

*Diminished sense of teeth

*Darkened teeth

*Dry mouth

*Root decay

*Uneven jaw bone.

*Denture induced



Root decay is seen in seniors. Lack of cleanliness and negligence spoil the enamel results in tooth decay. Sometimes it vanishes into the gum and creates a great problem.

Diminished sense of taste is general to them.  For taking betel nut, smoking makes their tongue thick. That is why they cannot taste their food and medicine. But, they love taking chili enriched foods.

Uneven jaw bone is common feature in them. As the jaw contains some space, it becomes uneven. Sometimes, teeth do not get fit in denture process. This ill fitting is responsible for denture induce.

Darkened teeth are commonly is among the elderly people. Most of the cases they are habituated with taking betel nut with some other spices. These elements leave a foul color on the wall of the teeth and even on the gum. The nicotine in tobacco stains the teeth also.  It is also vital cause of oral cancer.

Dry mouth is caused due to the shortage of saliva, the vital element inside our mouth. Due to some reasons dry mouth is found among the aged people. It causes cough during night. Sometime they have to take a lot of water after a certain interval.

As they do not take care of their mouth properly, gum disease is seen among them.  Erosion in gum and swollen gum is found with acute pain. And they cannot eat or drink.

Tooth loss is a common scenario among the seniors.  One after another, their teeth fall down leaving the place empty. As a result, air comes out of the mouth before producing a correct sound. And they feel difficulty in delivering their speech.


The extent of their problems is so acute that it is almost impossible to recover to the former stage. Some whitening measures can be taken for removing the darkened color. Brushing up naturally can reduce the problems. Improper brushing is the main cause of all tooth diseases. So, brushing teeth regularly and proper is a must to them.

According to Orlando Family dentist ,for the betterment of their teeth from further decay, they should take the following measures as early as possible.

*Change their toothpaste after consulting their dentist.

*Rise their mouth regularly

*Brushing every day of course twice

*Visit their dentist for dental check-up regularly.

*Stop smoking

*Avoid taking betel nut

About The Author:

Family dentistry at Orlando  believes that if they took necessary early, they would not get those problems of their oral health. The sufferers should take proper care of their teeth till are alive in the world.