Caring for an aging parent – 4 reasons its good for your family

Caring for an aging parent – 4 reasons its good for your family

Posted on September 24, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Caregiver Education, Home Care Non-Medical, Home Health Care (Medical)

Providing eldercare at home can be challenging for even the most organized, cohesive families. Caring for an aging parent will test you physically, emotionally, and financially. Changes are it will test the rest of your family as well. Despite its challenges, caring for an aging parent at home can add a richness to family life that just can’t be found if Mom moves into nursing care. Check out these 4 reasons eldercare at home can make your family stronger and make you a better caregiver

Create stronger family bonds
From family in far-flung places to 60-hour-a-week jobs, families see far too little of each other in the modern world. By caring for an aging parent in your home you’re laying the groundwork for a stronger, more resilient family. For example, your Mom may love being included in Sunday dinner preparations. Your Dad, for instance, may love watching his grandson practice his way onto a championship team. These kinds of eldercare at home experiences can be difficult to have when an aging parent lives in an assisted living or nursing facility.

By definition, eldercare at home requires everyone to pitch in. Children will learn a sense of responsibility by taking on an extra chore or two, such as helping Grandma fold her laundry. What’s more, your children will learn to respect their elders as well as develop a sense of family that will help them make better decisions about finding the right eldercare solutions as you age

Helps you become a more tuned-in caregiver
When Dad is confined to a nursing home 24/7, it can be hard for you to notice the changes his or her doctor will need to know about. Even if he’s surrounded by medical staff, they may not notice important health clues when they’re busy with a floor-full of patients. Caring for an aging parent at home allows you to notice those little things, such as when Dad starts forgetting his sister’s name—something the day nurse may not pick up.

Turns you into a stronger health care advocate
When your family chooses eldercare at home solutions, it allows you to become a better advocate for his needs. For instance, if Dad’s in the hospital you can let the staff know that the smell of oranges makes him sick. Because you’re intimately aware of his health, you can also go to bat in sticky medical situations, such as dealing with a doctor who’s recommended a questionable therapy or a treatment that doesn’t mesh with your Mom’s wishes.

Caring for an aging parent is not always as challenging as it’s made out to be. Whether you’re becoming a stronger health care advocate or building character in your children, eldercare at home can be a positive experience for everyone involved.

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