Can We Talk About It? (part two)

Can We Talk About It? (part two)

Posted on September 11, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Independent Living

What would you do if you lost your driving privileges because your vision wasn’t good, your reflexes were too slow, turning the wheel and using the gas and brake pedals were difficult and painful because of arthritis????

What’s even worse is when someone tells you you should NOT be driving a car because you are not safe behind the wheel!  Usually it is a familSmiling Peopley member that brings this up because they are concerned for your safety.  I had to talk to my Dad about “no more driving” and I was scared!!!  Luckily he had scared himself with his driving and decided it was time to stop.  However, he wasn’t happy about it.  It’s been six years and he still doesn’t like it.

The bottom line – IT SUCKS!!!  In our culture in the United States, being able to drive means you are independent.  Before you step in to take the car keys, please use kindness and compassion.  There is no easy way to address this with an adult.  Below is an article that may help you “talk about it” with your family.

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