Bring Magic to Disney at Accessible Villa

Bring Magic to Disney at Accessible Villa

Posted on November 1, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Travel/Vacations, Vacations

Villas inside Disney can Bring Magic to a Vacation

A couple years ago my fiancée, my daughter, and his son and father all went to Disney World to celebrate our union together before our wedding. I already had joined the Disney Vacation Club program, and went ahead to schedule a 2 bedroom villa. Doug’s father could not walk long distances due to a heart issue, and being 80 years old, so we rented a scooter. We also made sure that the villa was on the first floor. My fiancée needed to use a CPAK for oxygen at night, so a comfortable place to sleep was key. Finally, the kitchen was Wonderful, as we had special dietary needs.

What a terrific way to escape the parks. Our villa was inside the Walt Disney World resort, at Saratoga. We had buses going to every park. The villa included a full kitchen with utensils, etc. We had a hot tub in the main bathroom, a main bedroom, a smaller bedroom, and living room area. We went to a grocery outside the park area, and saved tons of $$$ on this. Yes, there was a pool area, bar, sit down restaurant, and quick service area. Grandpa could scooter through the resort, which was large, and very friendly. The resort gave everyone independence, yet an area to gather as well without feeling cramped. The kitchen gave me more eating options, which is challenging as I am diabetic. And no one drove the family car the full time we were on property, so no fighting about directions. Anyone staying in a villa in considered an “on site” guest, and therefore is eligible for early and late times in the park, using the bus system, and all other privileges for on site guests.

Disney World has a number of DVC villas in multiple areas within the world. Since our first visit worked out so well, we returned, and stayed at other villas at Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom.

These particular villas are more themed, and fabulous. Animal Kingdom has an African feel, and the Wilderness Lodge feels like a park out west. The villas come in studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom villas. They are part of the Disney Time Share program, called DVC.

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