Benefits of Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens

Benefits of Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens

Posted on December 2, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Financial Services

Fixed deposits in India top the priority list of investors who do not wish to take risks with their financial investments. A majority of investors in India fall in the senior citizens category and for those FDs can bring in extra benefits and convenience, read on to know how.

Assured returns: Fixed deposits have a set rate of interest that the investors are assured of receiving, after the maturity period. Thus there isn’t any risk of low returns involved like in the case of shares and bonds. By just putting in your money for a stipulated time period this investment gives investors guaranteed returns benefit. Post retirement people receive a lump sum amount in the form of gratuity, PF etc, most of the times they keep a portion of it and look out for opportunities for investing the rest. But as they have lower risk appetite and not very long term financial goals to set, fixed deposits are a good option.

High rate of Interests: As per the rules for fixed deposits India, senior citizens are entitled to a higher interest rate. Every bank follows this rule and the elderly can make the most of it. The difference between the interest rates varies from one bank to another so it is better to do a good research work and then take the final decision. Getting such information and comparing it has now become easy with online banking, one can even take the help of fixed deposit calculator and get to know the final maturity amount within a few seconds. This saves a lot of time and effort of the elderly and makes investments convenient for them.

No long term commitments:Senior citizens are not keen on long term investments and have short term investment goals. With fixed deposits they can choose to put their money for a period of as less as a year. Fixed deposits need not always be for longer duration but the added benefits that they bring for senior citizens are worth it.

Easy process: The process for applying for fixed deposits in India has simplified to a high extent. Senior citizens as it is cannot spend time in filling application forms and keep visiting banks; the online banking procedures have put an end to such situations. Every bank account holder has access to his bank through online banking and senior citizens can make use of this feature to the fullest. By just filling in their details and transferring their money in a safe and secure manner, within minutes they can enroll themselves for the FD scheme. To take away the trouble of calculations involved there is an online fixed deposit calculator for assistance.

Thus managing fixed deposits is a hassle free procedure that comes with fixed returns benefits and proves to be the right choice for senior citizens.

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