Baby Boomers Face Retirement And Dental Issues

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It is estimated that 2.5 million baby boomers will turn 65 in 2012 and with age comes special needs in terms of dental care. An aging body must deal with aging teeth and gums too. The family dentist in South Easton, MA will tell you that people over 50 years old often face difficult and serious dental problems, and especially if they didn’t take care of their teeth before the age of fifty.

Doctors talk about the fact your food and exercise choices during a lifetime influence longevity and health. The same principle applies to teeth. The foods eaten, brushing and flossing habits and frequency of professional dental care influence the condition of teeth and gums in the senior years. Many elderly people wear dentures because they lost their teeth due to cavities and gum disease that could have been avoided with routine dental cleanings.

Oral Longevity

The American Dental Association uses the term ‘oral longevity’. Oral longevity refers to the health of your mouth and teeth and the relationship of general health to oral health. The goal is to promote those behaviors that lead to keeping teeth decay free and intact. Though dentures are an excellent substitute for missing teeth, it’s always better to keep your own teeth whenever possible.

The dentist providing dental care in South Easton, MS works with consumers who have not reached baby boomer age to encourage people to follow guidelines for oral longevity. Since general health and oral health are interrelated, patients who heed the advice get double benefit. General suggestions for people of all ages include regular brushing and cleaning, replacing your toothbrush every 4 months, quitting smoking and visiting the dentist regularly.

Baby Boomer Dental Issues

People who are older often find themselves dealing with health issues like diabetes, bone density loss and nutritional deficiencies. Many seniors are also taking more than one medication. Each one of these issues can impact a jaw bone, gums and teeth. In fact, poor nutrition, medications and disease can lead to periodontal disease, mouth sores and gum infections.

In addition, the family dentist in Easton, MA works with older patients who have dry mouth, dentures, implants and acute sensitivity. During routine visits, the dentist checks inside the mouth and lips for signs of oral cancer.

The importance of taking an interest in oral longevity has become even more important as people live longer. People who live longer are more likely to experience old dental fillings that crack, decay or leak. They are also more likely to experience shifting teeth due to loss of a tooth over the years.

Another common issue is teeth yellowing, staining or darkening due to age.

Looking Forward

Many baby boomers have taken good care of their health and teeth over their lifetime and can look forward to senior years free of gum disease. Those who are now dealing with the consequences of a lifetime of poor choices or lack of dental care, or have teeth or gum problems due to sickness or age, will find the family dentist in South Easton, MA has many treatment methods that can benefit the teeth and gums for years to come.

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