Avada Hearing Aid Testimonials

Posted on January 16, 2014 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Hearing Loss

Need some encouragement? You can hear better than you ever thought possible; just read these testimonials from actual Avada patients at your office. These patients have been so pleased with their improved hearing experience with Avada, they simply had to share their Avada story.

Wanda Monell, Louisville, KY

Wanda MonellBefore coming to Avada I had difficulty hearing at a normal volume. I had trouble conversing with my family and they had to repeat much of our conversation. I am more confident now when visiting and entertaining. I can now enjoy my conversations with my young grandchildren. The Avada instrument has proven to be very helpful.The entire staff at Avada is very friendly. Michael Mullin has proven to be patient, knowledgeable and thorough and is happy to answer any questions that I may have. I would recommend Avada to anyone who has hearing difficulties.

Wanda Monell

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