Assisted Living – What Is It?

Assisted Living – What Is It?

Posted on September 14, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Assisted Living, Blog

With all the assorted types of senior living conceivable today it’s difficult to understand the differences between them and even more difficult to choose the correct one for you or a loved one. On top of to this bewilderment is assisted living may mean several services not only at different communities, but also to two people at the same community!

The reason for the wide range of aid is members individually get the amount of special tending and assistance that they need while keeping a certain level of independence. They are typically a good alternative if you require more one on one care than you are able receive at home, but you won’t require the constant supervision of a nursing home. So if you or a loved one find that you’re having trouble with everyday tasks but still want to maintain your independence an assisted living facility may be right for you. You can get the support you need while keeping as much of your independence as you’d like.
What Aid do Assisted Living Centers Give? Elder living is a great alternative for seniors who prefer or require support with part of their daily living programs like showering, grooming, cooking meals or assist going to the restroom in the middle of the night. Cleaning, getting rides to appointments are also common and most facilities also assist with medication. Many top homes will help develop a custom plan that meets all special wants while letting seniors the freedom to do what they like to on their own

Are assisted living facilities like nursing homes? No, not really. They do provide several of the same aid but a nursing home provides twenty-four hr management and medical tending for residents. In an assisted living home 24 hour service is conceivable, but independence is supported. Many offer private and apartment style living, several even have their own kitchens. Nearly all homes have community eating and areas for recreational activities.

Assisted Living and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) An assisted living community can be part of a continuing care retirement community. These Continuing care retirement community homes are long term living solutions for seniors, commonly in a single place. In the beginning, elders living at a CCRC enjoy independent retirement living. As residents get older and start requiring support they receive the aid they want as they need it. This continues until they want full time management and transition into a full nursing home environment providing the resident with all the senior help they’ll need for their entire life.

How to Pay for Assisted Living Nearly all individuals pay for their assisted living aid with private money but in some instances exceptions can be made. There are some insurance policies that give long-term attention that cover assisted living facilities that are authorized. Evaluate your insurance policy to be sure if you are covered. Medicaid support is available to help pay for the charges of assisted living for the elderly who qualify.
Is Senior Living the Right Alternative for You or Loved One? Determining to move into a senior facility and leaving the home that you’re accustomed with could be difficult. Even if you’re anticipating the advantages of senior living; assistance , security, and social perks that come with it, you have to also consider the impact that it has for your family.

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