Assessing the Quality of Modern Replacement Windows before Purchase

Assessing the Quality of Modern Replacement Windows before Purchase

Posted on August 11, 2013 by ECR Louisville in Blog, Caregiver Education

The traditional wood or aluminum-clad wood frame for windows is now outdated by modern materials that have more desirable properties. Vinyl, one of the modern framing materials of choice, overcomes several weaknesses of wood and aluminum, such as low resistance to weathering and high conductivity, respectively. When constantly exposed to moisture, the putty holding the glass begins to separate from the metal surface and completely flakes off right after. With vinyl framing, the life expectancy of a window can be twice that of the traditional materials.

Because vinyl comes in different additives, a finished vinyl frame may not always meet structural standards. This is why it is essential to know ways to assess the quality of vinyl framing before purchasing a vinyl replacement window for your home. Most window replacement companies in industrial cities like Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky offer free home estimates to find the vinyl windows that best match the features of existing windows. You can request them to bring some samples so you can personally choose while they conduct the estimate.

Modern replacement windows are equipped with a more secure locking mechanism. Check this feature with the salesperson before accepting any quote. The security of your house should be one of the heaviest reasons why you need a replacement window. Your new windows should have a double lock system that allows them to open slightly but not entirely to keep sufficient ventilation in the house. This is a common feature of a double-hung window and is now included in the design of other window types.

Despite the frequent need to keep the window close to prevent accidents, the vinyl replacement windows Lexington KY manufacturers produce must also have an excellent opening mechanism. In residential buildings where windows are hard to maintain, a-180-degree pivotal hinge is used to enable a person to open it inwards for easy cleaning and repair. Look for such a feature in the replacement windows offers to you.

The thickness of the vinyl frame components are also a good indicator of quality. Higher quality vinyl replacement windows Louisville homeowners look for have thick sides, especially the lower horizontal grip piece. This side of the frame will carry the heaviest weight and therefore subject to high compression. Make sure it is thick enough to support the entire frame.

High quality vinyl replacement windows Louisville KY buyers want have special large spaces alongside the framing for thicker and more energy-efficient glass panes. Some low-grade vinyl frames are only intended for traditional thin panes. Consider energy conservation as an influential factor to your decision.

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